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Introduction to Purushottama Month

Similar to the leap year that comes once in 4 years in the western calendar, an extraordinary period manifests every 3 years in Vedic lunar calendar. This is a gift from the Lord Krishna, filled with immense spiritual value for devotees.

A lunar year is calculated to be approximately 354 days. The solar year, however, is around 365 days. The slight difference accumulates over time and when it surpasses about 29.5 days, the Lord, in His mercy, blesses us with an additional lunar month. This is the Purushottama Masa or Adhika Masa.

This period is not merely an additional month, but a sacred time when Lord Vishnu Himself appears in the form of time to rectify our astrological computations. The term ‘Purushottama’ refers to Lord Vishnu, meaning ‘the Supreme Being’, highlighting the immense spiritual importance of this period.

During Purushottama Masa, the Lord offers us an extraordinary opportunity for increased bhakti and spiritual progress. This time is not just a correction, but a call to dive deeper into our devotional life.

This ‘extra month’ is a divine benediction, an opportunity for increased devotion, and a call for us to enhance our Krishna consciousness.

So, when Purushottama Masa arrives, remember the wisdom of Srila Prabhupada, who taught us to view every moment as a chance to grow in devotion. This period is not just an ‘extra month’, it’s a divine mercy, a special opportunity to grow, strengthen our spiritual resolve, and to deepen our love for Krishna.

One who observes Purushottama Month with faith and devotion will go back home, back to Godhead to serve Sri Sri Radha Krishna eternally in Goloka Vrndavana at the end of his life!

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